Director: Dénes Ruzsa, Fruzsina Spitzer
Country: Unghary
Length: 8’
Year: 2018

Man is floating on the edge of the macro and the micro world. Human tries to uncover the rules of the micro world behind the macro world. The video was inspired by a historic photo made by Voyager-1 spacecraft in 1990. The spacecraft was 6 billion kilometers away from Earth. The title of the photo is Pale Blue Dot. The size of the Earth is less than one pixel. 
Just a tiny blue dot in the black infinity.
L'uomo galleggia sul bordo del macro e del micro mondo. Human cerca di scoprire le regole del micro mondo dietro il mondo macro. Il film si ispira ad una foto storica realizzata dalla navicella spaziale Voyager-1 nel 1990. La navicella spaziale si trovava a 6 miliardi di chilometri di distanza dalla Terra. Il titolo dell'immagine è Pale Blue Dot. La dimensione della Terra è inferiore a un pixel. 
Solo un puntino blu nell'infinito nero.

Dénes Ruzsa and Fruzsina Spitzer 

Dénes Ruzsa and Fruzsina Spitzer working together since 2007.They have been making experimental short films and animations. Their films have screened at over two hundred film festivals and exhibitions worldwide in Europe and in Transatlantic Regions. From 2017 they are members of Hungarian Electographic Art Association. They also work as a photographer for books, catalogues and art magazines. Their work is best inspired by avant-garde tendency. They believe that film stands close to fine art, film is nothing more than fine art, music / sound and movement.
Dal 2007 Dénes Ruzsa e Fruzsina Spitzer co-realizzano cortometraggi e animazioni sperimentali che sono stati proiettati in oltre duecento festival e mostre d’arte in tutto il mondo. Dal 2017 sono soci di Hungarian Electographic Art Associazione. Curatrici di mostre nazionali e internazionali, lavorano anche come fotografe per libri, cataloghi e riviste d'arte. Credono che il cinema sia arte, musica / suono e movimento.
A film festival between two gulfs, facing the bay of Naples, the Vesuvius and the islands, where the air, the land, the water and the fire become one: to discover different visions of reality through documentaries from several horizons from all around the world. 

Meetings, debates, concerts and artistic walks in echo with the landscape, passing from a foreign world to a familiar intimacy.
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