PARTICIPATE WITH YOUR VIDEO to the making of the film: Metamorphose 2020

The XIII edition of Faito doc is likely to be very different from other years ...
The chosen theme: "Metamorphoses" ... Ironically, it seems divinatory.
We all live, now this state of transformation, confined in full "chrysalis". State of introspection, anxiety, loneliness, or new solidarities ...

What is going through you? What are your discoveries, your dreams, your thoughts? Or just what has changed in your daily life? Nature, the earth itself, what does it think of it? What fate for the world? What will come out of all of us, thousands of confined caterpillars?

If the Faito doc is a festival centered on meeting flesh and blood, a plurality of faces and cultures to celebrate the love of documentary cinema, how to achieve it within our walls, with and beyond screens ?!

How to reinvent yourself?

We want to go out, see you, hear you, touch you! We want to wake up and give a vital form to this state of suspension ...

So we are launching this call for creation which allows the Festival en chrysalide to keep the spirit of the gathering and by this collective film to take off!

The Faito Doc offers everyone, friends from previous years, staff, volunteers, directors, Jury members, musicians, dancers, acrobats and new participants, to present a video - on any medium including the telephone - of max. of 2 minutes a very short film or sequence shot which shows the metamorphosis that you live, this very particular moment of confinement. You can use the artistic form that is most appropriate for you dance, song, mime, storytelling, poem, painting, speech, animated film ...

The more personal videos will be selected to be part of the film: Metamorphosis 2020.
We will make a montage of these videos in the form of multiple expressions that we will present at our next edition of Faito Doc Festival 2020 in person and / or on line ...

Continue to be creative !!!!!

Send your proposal to the following address: faitodocfestival@gmail.com

A film festival between two gulfs, facing the bay of Naples, the Vesuvius and the islands, where the air, the land, the water and the fire become one: to discover different visions of reality through documentaries from several horizons from all around the world. 

Meetings, debates, concerts and artistic walks in echo with the landscape, passing from a foreign world to a familiar intimacy.
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