Trailer “Vertigini” An idea by Nathalie Rossetti & Editing by Seda Sat

August 6st-12th 2018 [Monte Faito, Vico Equense - Naples]

Idea by Nathalie Rossetti & Editing by Seda Sat - with the following fragments of this selected films:

- Upwelling - La risalita delle acque profonde by Pietro Pasquetti & Silvia Jop
- Saule Marceau by Juliette Achard
- Massimino by PierFrancesco Li Donni
- Dark Waves by Ismaël Joffrey Chandoutis
- Belle de nuit Griseldis Real by Marie-Eve de Grave
- Taste of cement by Ziad Kalthoum
- Midnight Ramblers by Julian Ballester
- Kalès by Laurent by Van Lancker
- Moloch by Stefano Pietro Testa
- Lettres d'évasion by NR
- H comme Hopptornet (ten meter tower) by Axel Danielson - Maximilien Van Aertryck
- Il mondo o niente by Chiara Caterina
- Roma>Athens by Thomas Kunstler