Directors and Produced by:
Country: USA
Length: 16’20

As a teenager, Adolfo Kaminsky saved thousands of lives by forging passports to help children flee the Nazis. All these years, he lived in Paris, unknown to his neighbors, even as he continued forging documents for refugees fleeing modern oppressive governments around the globe.
E’ la storia di Adolfo Kaminsky che all'età di 19 anni, falsifico’ passaporti e carte d’identità salvando la vita di 14.000 ebrei sfuggiti ai nazisti. In tutti questi anni, A. Kaminsky visse a Parigi, continuando a falsificare documenti per aiutare rifugiati in fuga da governi dittatoriali.

Pamela Druckerman

Times reporter Pamela Druckerman pitched the idea to tell Kaminsky's story and include a video version for online. The video department assigned the project to producers Alexandra Garcia and Samantha Stark.
This is the story about a team of journalists and animators who worked in three countries. The journalists working on the story would not meet face to face until months after the story was finished. By then, their work had won an Emmy, captured honors from the World Press Photo Awards and the Canadian International Documentary Festival.
La reporter del Times Pamela Druckerman ebbe l'idea di raccontare la storia di Kaminsky e di includere una versione in film online. Il dipartimento video ha assegnato il progetto ai produttori Alexandra Garcia e Samantha Stark.
Un team di giornalisti e animatori che lavorarono in tre paesi diversi e che s’incontrarono solo dopo che il loro film vinse un Emmy e il World Press Photo Awards al Canadian International Documentary Festival, e che fu finalista ai Peabody Awards.
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