Director: Andrea Giovanni Sidoti, Hannes Oehen
Country: Switzerland
Length: 5’
Year: 2018

The punch clock is a curse for employees. What starts off looking like a minor incident evolves into a full-blown problem. Anyone who fails to do their job properly is disposed of and recycled without mercy.
L'orologia da polso è una maledizione per i dipendenti. Ciò che inizia come un banale incidente degenera in un problema molto più serio. Chiunque non riesce a svolgere correttamente il proprio lavoro viene smaltito e riciclato spietosamente

Andrea Giovanni Sidoti

2001-05 Apprenticeship as Construction Draftsman. 2005-14 works as Construction Draftsman in Bern. 2014-18 BA for Animation at HSLU (Lucerne School of Art and Design).
2001-05 Apprendistato come disegnatore di costruzione. Nel 2005-14 lavora come disegnatore di costruzioni a Berna. 2014-18 BA for Animation presso HSLU (Scuola d'arte e design di Lucerna).

Hannes Oehen

2014-15 Foundation Course in Art at HSLU (Lucerne School of Art and Design). 2015-2018 BA in Animation at HSLU.
2014-15 Foundation Course in Art presso HSLU (Scuola d'arte e design di Lucerna). BA 2015-2018 in animazione presso HSLU.
A film festival between two gulfs, facing the bay of Naples, the Vesuvius and the islands, where the air, the land, the water and the fire become one: to discover different visions of reality through documentaries from several horizons from all around the world. 

Meetings, debates, concerts and artistic walks in echo with the landscape, passing from a foreign world to a familiar intimacy.
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