Edition 2020-2021

     We are preparing a Faito Doc Festival 2020 that will extend over two years, until 2021. 
The theme chosen “METAMORPHOSIS” lends itself to this change due to current events which we live.
     The Italian, national and regional institutions, with the new health provisions, allow us to organize a festival partly FACE-TO-FACE and partly ONLINE. This summer 2020 on Monte Faito, there will be a 13rd PROLOGUE edition at the “METAMORPHOSIS”, with projections only outdoors, under the Naples’s Gulf stars. It provided two competitions International of short films and events related to the theme. The competitions will be FACE-TO-FACE and ONLINE.

     The “ONLINE” INTERNATIONAL JURY will evaluate a selection of 13 international short films. 
     The next year in 2021 these same members of the jury will be invited officially to Faito DOC – which will take place FACE-TO-FACE – and we will present the features of creation and a new selection of short films – all increasingly connected to the same theme : “METAMORPHOSIS”. The door remains open in the case in which the members of the jury and filmmakers decide to join us on Monte Faito on a voluntary basis.