Call for films 2022



The theme of the 15th edition 2022 is: ESCAPES.

For Charles Baudelaire, poetry is a kind of escape, a boundless universe which transfigures reality.
And what about cinema? Could it be a means of escaping from everyday life and flying towards different horizons as well?
Who escapes? The public or the artist?
What is the connection between escape and freedom? How can we be free if from birth we are subjected to the gaze of others about our origins, our culture, nationality, or our body? How can we face life if we feel different? Is it possible to separate our inner soul from the role imposed by our society, from a one-dimensional definition of what women and men should be?
How to escape from a prison? How to escape from a dictatorship, from an ideology? From addictions? From illness? From poverty? How to escape from a violent society? How to free ourselves from the chains of work? How do we escape from ourselves? Can we stay free and infinite by following the aspirations of our soul?
What if the human being reached the dream, the “place where freedom reigns, where thinking shapes existence, where the impossible becomes possible”, along the risky path leading to escape, in the vision moving from our reality to a different one?

We invite, as of now, directors and producers to submit their “visions” about these topics to the XV edition of the Faito Doc Festival 2022.
The doors are open to auteur, experimental or animated documentaries. 
The selectors are particularly attentive to works characterized by long research in the field, to works that show sensitivity and empathy towards the characters, to poetic films, to impactful testimonies.

How to submit:
Each author/director may submit one or a maximum of two works.
To participate send an e-mail to: containing the following information

  • The VIMEO link (or other platform) of the film
  • The synopsis and the technical data sheet
  • A list of dialogues (with time code), (.srt subtitling files is mandatory).

About 50 films will be selected and shown to the public at MONTE FAITO (a location at an altitude of 1,344m on the Sorrento Peninsula, in the beautiful setting of the Gulf of Naples) from 20 to 27 JULY 2022.
Besides the projections, the agenda of the festival includes a series of exhibitions, concerts, workshops and excursions.
Directors, actors, technicians, and producers will have the opportunity to be hosted for two days by the organization and will participate in the activities together with the staff, the jury and the audience.

The deadline for applications is April 7, 2022.