Call for films 2024


Applications are open to the XVIIth edition of the Faito Doc Festival, for the International Competition of Feature Films, the International Competition of Short Films and the International Competition of Film School Shorts.

This word so linked with nature and trees, so visible at the foot of the beech trees in the woods of Monte Faito, how does it influence the life of human beings?
Is it a word more related to mythology, literature, science or art?
Is it a philosophical, political, therapeutical idea?

Hannah Arendt wrote: “The greatest evil is not radical, it has no roots, and because it has no roots it has no limitations, it can go to unthinkable extremes and sweep over the whole world.” What does it mean to have or not to have roots ?

An African proverb tells us: “The fresh water mangrove tree danses poorly because it has too many roots. Is it sometimes necessary to cut one’s own roots? If so, when and in which circumstances?
On one side, a Chinese proverb affirms that “To forget one’s ancestors is to become a stream without a source, a tree without roots”, but on the other side a Spanish proverb seems to reply: “You recognise a tree by its fruits, not by its roots”. And the meaning of this word becomes even more complex in this Native American saying: “You can only make two gifts to your children: roots and wings”. Are roots and wings really compatible?

We invite directors and producers to enter their films in the XVIIth edition of the Faito Doc Festival. The doors are also open to experimental documentaries or animated documentaries that tackle this theme in one way or another.

The programmers favor films offering an original point of view, in which they can sense a long fieldwork.

Special attention is given to poetic films with sincere testimonies, in which one can feel that the filmmakers have immersed themselves in a place, a universe or a story with sensitivity and empathy toward their characters. The call is open to auteur, experimental or animated documentaries, feature films, short films and ultra-shorts.

The evaluation criteria of the programmers are:

  • The author’s viewpoint: the original way the director looks at reality, his vision. 
  • The empathy the director shows towards the people they film and who become their characters.
  • The cinematic language: the ways of storytelling, the original staging of the narrated story through authentic and striking shots in its service and never settling for “reportage” alone, through personal visual and sound editing, a sense of rhythm and the art of mixing. A poetic, sensitive and original language.
  • Taking into account the edition’s theme : Roots. 
  • Finally, the need to show, through cinema, visions of the reality of the human being and the world in which it lives, films that prompt reflection, productive “conflict”, in order to enrich one’s knowledge and encourage every spectator in their life journey.

How to participate: Every author / director / producer / distributor may submit a maximum of two films. To submit and register a film, send an e-mail to: with the Vimeo link to the movie, a synopsis and the technical file.

Around 50 films will be selected and shown to the public in MONTE FAITO (at an altitude of 1131 meters on the Sorrento Peninsula, overlooking the breathtaking Gulf of Naples) (The official dates for July 2024 will soon be announced).

Directors, protagonists, technicians or producers will be invited for two days by the organisers and will share, along with the staff, the jury, the invited artists and the public, the projections, concerts, exhibitions, shared meals, workshops and hikes. To the selected films should be attached a list of dialogues (with time codes), and a .srt subtitles file.

The deadline for applications is March 17th, 2024.