Call for films 2021

The call is closed since 15/04/2021.
Thank you so much for your submissions.
We will contact the rights-holders at the end of spring…

The theme of the 14th edition of Faito Doc Festival is – as last year – metamorphosis.
Throughout the centuries, writers like Ovid, Apuleius and Kafka chose metamorphosis as one of the themes of their works. But how do the filmmakers of today see metamorphosis? What does it represent for them? Is it a concept related to mythology, literature, arts, magic or science? Is it a philosophical, political or therapeutic notion? Is it a mutation, a modification, a transformation of nature, of genre, of geography, of culture? A shift from one physical state or felling to another? A switch from pacifist to violent and vice versa? Is it metamorphosis somehow connected to the idea of revolution?
How can you elude the image of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly?
Deep down, that’s loneliness: wrap yourself into the cocoon of your soul, get pupa and wait for the metamorphosis, because it always happens.” (August Strindberg).

The voice of the Italian singer Fabrizio de André comes to our mind:
                             “Dai diamanti non nasce niente , dal letame nascono i fior “
                             (Nothing grows on diamonds, flowers grow in the dung)

What if metamorphosis was a film? What kind of film would it be?
We kindly invite filmmakers and producers who explored in one way or another this notion to submit “their visions of reality” to the 14th edition of the Faito Doc Festival. Experimental or animated documentaries are also eligible for competition.
The member of the selection committee will give priority to poetic movies with an original point of view. The jury will privilege films in which they can feel a long work on the field aimed to penetrate into the authentic characters’ place/universe/history with compassion and empathy towards the characters and their stories.

Submission regulations :
Each filmmaker, director or producer cannot submit more than two movies. To submit a movie, send an e-mail to with the VIMEO link of the movie, a short synopsis and the technical specifications.
About 30 films will be selected and screened during the Festival that will be held in MONTE FAITO (mountain in the Sorrentine Peninsula, in southern Italy. It has an elevation of 1,444 meters and it walls directly into the sea of the breathtaking Gulf of Naples) end of July/beginning of august (to be soon specified).
Filmmakers, main characters or producers of the selected movies will be hosted during 2 or 3 days (according to distance of the country of origin). They will share the villas with the staff, the jury members, the audience and the other artists. They will also enjoy all together projections, pleasant and friendly meals, exhibitions, concerts, workshops and rambles.
The festival does not cover any travel costs.
Selected films must be followed by both their dialogue lists and their timecode (preferably in .srt format).
Films must be in their original language with Italian subtitles if the original language is not Italian. All non-Italian films must have Italian subtitles. The Festival can provide translation and subtitling services.
Subtitling fees:
– Short: 40€
– Features: 80€