Competition Short Documentaries

Africa Bianca

22 July – 16.30 – Casa del Cinema

Direction : Marta Violante and Filippo Foscarini | 2020 | Italy | 23′
Production : Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Sede Sicilia
in the presence of the director

While Italy was redrawing the borders of Northeast Africa, in Italian schools the children followed the events of Italian colonialism with admiration. With a careful selection of sounds and images of the time, the film tells the invasion of Ethiopia in 1936 through the drawings in the notebook of a child educated in the fascist regime.

Dal gorno finché sera

23 July – 16.30 – Casa del Cinema

Direction : Alessandro Gattuso | 2020 | Italy | 15′
Production : AAMOD – Archivio Audiovisivo del Movimento Operaio e Democratico
in the presence of the director

A voice leads us through the mist of a man’s memories. The found footage mix in an attempt to give shape to the past. Images of childhood, of his adult years and of his love for another man emerge as an archaeology of a fragmented memory. An elegy which is personal and collective at the same time, in which the interpermeation of bitterness and joy evoke a life. 

De Memoria y Escombros

22 July – 15:00 – Casa del Cinema

Direction : Rodrigo Michelangeli  | 2020 | Venezuela/Canada | 16′
Production : La Faena Films

Of Memory and Debris is an intimate portrait of the director’s grandparents, who remained in Venezuela after the majority of their families fled from the political and economic crisis. Ababo scrapes the sewers of an abandoned gold processing factory, and Opa struggles with solitude after losing his wife to Alzheimer’s.

Il se rappelle de ça

26 July – 18.30 – Casa del Cinema

Direction : Joffroy Faure | 2020 | France | 12′
Production : Ardèche Images Association, Université Grenoble Alpes

When getting lost is an experience of nothingness,
the words and images afterwards attempt to speak and to weave the bonds of the present.


22 July – 15:00 – Casa del Cinema

Direction : Marc Faye | 2021 | France | 3′
Production : Novanima

In 1983 the former head of the Gestapo, Klaus Barbie, was arrested. Robert Badinter recounts his ambivalent feelings when he realises that by having abolished the death penalty two years earlier, he has just saved the life of the man who had signed his father’s deportation order to the Sobibor extermination camp.


21 July – 18:00 – Casa del Cinema

Direction : Vladimir Perović | 2020 | Montenegro | 18′
Production : Vladimir Perovic – CZK Tivat; Jelena Djordjevic
in the presence of the director

The main protagonist, or sufferer of this story is a place of peace, purity and comfort: Our Lady of the Rocks, a five-century-old church on a lonely islet off the coast of Perast in the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. Today, it is under assault by a multi-faced antagonist: shallowness of modern times.


23 July – 16.30 – Casa del Cinema

Direction : Victor Orozco Ramirez | 2020 | Germany/Mexico | 12′
in the presence of the director

Several years ago, I immigrated to Germany. Here, I live in a tiny old house that is in dire need of modernization and that, theoretically, protects me from wind, rain and cold.

Sans vous sans moi

22 July – 15:00 – Casa del Cinema

Direction : Adèle Shaykhulova | 2020 | Russia | 20′
“As a small girl, Adèle Shaykhulova had to leave Russia for France, leaving the rest of her family behind. To make up for this absence, she secretly films their conversations. But when she learns that her cousin Sonia, 
with whom she grew up, has cancer, film becomes perhaps the only way to bridge an immeasurable distance.”


20 July – 20:30 – Casa del Cinema

Direction : Mikhail Gorobchuk | 2020 | Russia | 21′
Production : Ekaterina Vizgalova, Irina Kalinina, Vladislav Shuvalov
Our house becomes shrouded in the silence of night. It grows long shadows accentuated by the random sparks of the kerosene lamp. 
For little Stesha, the darkness becomes a way into another world that is both frightening and fascinating. 
Fragments of elusive memories, voices and shimmers of light – these are the flickering sensations of childhood, and they stay with us forever.

Synti Synti - L'Île écorchée

26 July – 18.30 – Casa del Cinema

Direction : Marion Jhöaner | 2019 | France | 30′
Production : Azadi Productions
in the presence of the director
The town of Vestmannaeyjar is located on the largest of the Westman Islands, Heimaey, south of the southern coast of Iceland; the population owes its survival solely to fishing… and to the quiescence of the Eldfell volcano, which in 1973, during an eruption, threatened to make the port unusable forever. Everyone here knows everyone and everyone is well aware of the dramatic and heroic events that have marked the history of the community. Listening directly to the descendants of these adventurous tales is one of the objectives of the successful mission of Marion Jhöaner: deeply fascinated by the harsh, furious and monumental landscapes of the Nordic countries, the director returns them to the screen in all their wild beauty. 

The Hidden Shadow

23 July – 15:00 – Casa del Cinema

Direction : Francisco Alvarez Rios | 2020 | Ecuador | 24′
Production : Francisco Álvarez Ríos for Cámara Lúcida – Encuentros Cinematográficos

The brass band begins to play. For Ángel, this is the signal to put on his mask and start dancing. At this point he becomes the devil himself. “A total liberation. Your name, your soul, it all vanishes at that moment.” Every year in the first week of January, the Ecuadorian town of Píllaro holds a colorful street festival: Diablada. Young men with frightening masks depict the devil and dance through the streets to brass band music. Ángel’s devil is fierce, fiery, and strong. But when he’s dancing, strolling, or hanging out with other revelers, he is a picture of innocence. Maybe the devil is a hidden shadow of himself? It’s said that the demonic masks were once used to protect livestock and women from gangs of robbers. What exactly the festival means today can’t be explained to an outsider. “Immerse yourself,” says Ángel, “feel the adrenaline and see what we see when we drink and dance like devils.”

The Weight of all Beauty

22 July – 15:00 – Casa del Cinema

Direction : Eeva Mâgi | 2019 | Estonia | 24′
Production : Alasti Kino

“The Weight of All the Beauty” is a thriller like documentary about the director’s father, neighbor and other cowboys from Põdra Village who drank themselves to death. The only survivor Villi takes us on a journey through the village and tells how Vodka Demon tricked each one of them. So, if everyone else is dead, how is Villi still alive?

Y'a bon?

22 July – 15:00 – Casa del Cinema

Direction : Marc Faye | 2021 | France | 4′
Production : Novanima

On February 23, 2005, the radio announced a bill on the benefits of French colonization. This announcement disturbs the daily life of Louise and her family. His house turns out to be inhabited by strange presences.