The Association Monteamare

     The association is inspired by the principles of intercultural dialogue, artistic training, social solidarity and promotion of socio-cultural development. 
     It’s a no profit association and has its specific democratic structure. 
     Since 2007, the Association organizes and promotes – with the support of public and private organizations – the international both cinema and cultural event FAITO DOC FESTIVAL at Monte Faito, Vico Equense (NA).

The association has the following objectives :
     1) promote and develop the culture and practice of audiovisual media as a means of knowledge, reflection and questioning of the present;
     2) propose the realization of structures, measures and policies that facilitate and encourage the diffusion and use of audiovisual media as an incentive for critical consciousness;
    3) promote cultural action and develop concrete proposals in this regard;
     4) to promote initiatives and to propose the realization of documentaries, audiovisual and artistic works (music, theater, dance, painting, etc …) that can stimulate education to the natural and urban environment, cleaner, more livable and favorable to social relations;
     5) to elaborate, independently or on behalf of public bodies and private bodies, studies and researches, feasibility plans, human resource projects for the purposes set out in the previous paragraphs;
     6) to organize conferences, exhibitions, courses, vocational training activities, cultural activities in schools, educational and non-academic educational projects, produce audiovisual and multimedia tools, or whatever is useful to facilitate technical knowledge or to disseminate knowledge to a wider audience of all the topics related to the purpose of the association;
     7) cooperate with all those who, in the most diverse fields of cultural, artistic and social life, work in defense of human dignity, peace, the environment and solidarity between men and peoples.

The team