The Festival

The originality of Faito Doc is the conjuncture of a place of rare beauty, highly cinematographic, with the seventh Art, through authors and directors who come from all over the world with their own visions of reality, to present their film and meet the public. 

     Monte Faito, is a small village located 1,131 meters above the sea that embraces two gulfs, in front of the bay of Naples, Vesuvius, the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida… is a Natural Park, a place steeped in romance and nostalgia, which appears and disappears in the clouds. The sensory virtues of this mountain on the sea lend themselves to give life to projections of documentaries of creation, to propose meetings and debates, to compare strong and personal looks and points of view on how to tell the real in cinema.

     The Belvedere and the light in the landscape become at the same time and through the documentary cinema a Belvedere on the world in which we live. Now in its fourteenth edition, the Faito Doc pursues its purpose of revealing and enhancing new forms of cinematic languages to tell about real.  From direct cinema to animation, from intimate cinema to experimental, the Festival likes to make the public discover the qualities of the author documentary, a genre still too little distributed.

     As every year brings together around a universal theme, documentary films from all over the world. After Brotherhood, Rebirth, Passion, Identity, Folly, Movement, Empathy, Euphoria, Return, Horizons, Vertigo, Rhythm, 
Metamorphosis was the theme of the 2020 edition and the flight will again take off in 2021… From chrysalis to butterfly.

     The Monte Faito over years has become one of the destinations of fans of real cinema and many foreign directors as well as Italians enroll their work in one of the notices, with the hope of being selected in the  international competitions and discover the forest and the enchanting nature of Monte Faito.

     In 2021, we intend to grow and bring together directors with lively and original eyes – from over 17 different countries. The number of quality works, i.e. around 50 films, will be divided between the International Feature Film Competition, the International Short Film Competition, the International Ultra Short Film Competition and the films presented as part of the 17 Side Events : Reviews and retrospectives : Campania Doc, Doc Kids, Docs Now sections; Twinning with the Peloponnisos International Doc Film Festival (Kalamata, Greece) 4 masterclasses for directors and teachers from leading film schools, 2 scriptwriting and photography workshops, 3 exhibitions, Cine-Dinners, Music and poetry meetings; artistic shows and nature walks.

The Festival makes use of : 

– A technical and international Jury of professionals (The Jury of the Magnificent)
– And 3 Popular Juries :
– The International Youth Jury,
– The Jury the Fireplace,
– The Jury of the CPS.

The Honor Committee

Thierry Garrel, Pasquale Misuraca, Stefano Incerti, Lorenzo Hendel, Maria Shevtsova, Michel Baudour, Marc Innaro, Antonio Capuano, Massimo Iannetta, Nina Toussaint, Enrica Fico Antonioni, Babak Karimi, Antoine André Maestrati, Magdalena Mądra, Geneviève Morand, Emmanuel Tagnard, Farzad Mouloudi, Lorenzo Cioffi, Olivier Smolders, Hugues Le Paige, Luciano Barisone, Valérie Gerbault, Carine Bratzlavsky, Waddah Al Fahed, Marilyn Watelet, Antonio Maiorino, Paolo Civati, Valentina Girodo, Tarek Ben Abdallah, Alice Diop…