What’s diversity? 

Reaching the 16th edition is like traveling a mountain road, with changing and surprising landscapes at every bend…
An adventure that allows us, year after year, to meet new people and thus feed ourselves of a piece of their journey – when suddenly the heart beats
and their story, their film becomes ours…

There are those who go with us for a few bends, those for longer ascents, those who climb courageously and we follow each other, shared pieces of life…
And we grow in agreement and in disagreement, we look back and discover how much we have built thanks to each other…
A passing the baton through people of such different worlds, backgrounds and circuits…
The richness of humanity, of nature that unites our differences and this continuous interaction with each other – through creation, collective action, films and meetings, departures and returns – it’s called Life…

We hope that the Faito Doc is the place where the beauty of this creative path is expressed!
The Monteamare Cultural Association has been enriched in recent months by various counselors, sons of Faito, who open up other paths, new initiatives and our steps get along with them and encourage them on their journey, for the love of Monte Faito and the festival…

Teaser (made by Dante Finocchiaro)



3 women and 3 points of view on the festival. A quick listen! Thanks to Nina Alexandraki, Sandra Millot and Milena Bochet.

Il Monte Faito dopo Angela Celentano (ITA)

A beautiful article carefully written by Alessia Capasso, where she talks about the festival but especially about our dear mountain.

The photos 2023 are online !

Thank you to our favourite photographer, who comes every year from Poland and has been working with the festival for 12 years!


Here are the winners of this 16th edition. A big thank you to everyone and see you next year!

They speak about us

Here the press review where it is possible to find all the articles about us.

The program is online !

We are delighted to present all the films and events scheduled for this 16th edition. There is something for everyone !

Geographical map

This year, the talented Laïla has drawn a map of the locations. Movie house, restaurant, hotel, it's all there!

New : Who is who?

List of professionals present during the festival.

Support us - Letters to our Italian friends and partners

The festival is preparing the next edition and needs your support.

Nous soutenir - Lettre à nos amis francophones

Le Festival prépare sa prochaine édition et a besoin de votre soutien.

They supported us in 2022

A very SPECIAL thanks for their generous contribution.

New film festival presentation - from Nathalie Rossetti and Maria Hermosillo

A film festival between two gulfs, facing the Gulf of Naples, Vesuvius and the islands, where air, earth, water and fire become one to discover different visions of reality through documentaries of different horizons from all over the world.