Every true revolution consists in recovering one’s childhood.
F. Tosquelles

With the joy of the encounter we welcome you to the Faito,
our natural oasis where dreams blossom and films flourish,
where stories are grafted and other realities are created,
where different languages intersect, find the sensory path to understand each other
and where Friendship manages to overcome divisions.
And it is with the words of a friend and film selector
that we announce this year’s festival :

“Metamorphosis. Changes. Transformations.
What do these words say? What do they express? What do they translate?
A need, a necessity and, far beyond, a desire for movement. A transition to something else. A maturing, a growing.
We speak as we breathe, but we do not always know what we are talking about.
As if our language had a life of its own, that it followed its own path in existence
and that we can only accompany it to see where it takes us, that, in the end
we can only risk trusting language to continue our journey into the unknown.

Encounters happen along the way. We meet faces, landscapes.
And we learn new names, new addresses. Realities are revealed that, the day before,
were completely unknown to us. And, slowly, the beings and things
that inhabit these worlds become familiar to us.
Perhaps metamorphosis is precisely this process of perpetual discovery?
These hesitant searches are our way,
our way of advancing. Of stopping. And of starting over.
Of asking questions while enduring the wait for an answer.
It is the story that weaves behind us as we live it
and we will only be able to interpret it in retrospect, to transmit it, in turn,
to those who want to know, to understand. And then, to those who want to travel.

Metamorphosis is a cry that becomes a word, a stutter that turns into a song.
It is the rejection of isolation that reaches the power of the collective.
It is this slow and sinuous deviation that goes from the “I” to the “we”,
the intimate questioning that risks confrontation with the community: between singularity and solidarity.
To inhabit possibilities; to follow coincidences; to let time do its work.
Here is a possible sense of our metamorphoses, gentle transitions in the violence of separations,
to show again and again that another world is being built, here and now,
with every step we take, with every breath we take. As long as we stand. As long as we resist.” (Elias Preszow).


A film festival between two gulfs, facing the bay of Naples, the Vesuvius and the islands, where the air, the land, the water and the fire become one to discover different visions of reality through documentaries from several horizons from all around the world.  Meetings, debates, concerts and artistic walks in echo with the landscape, passing from a foreign world to a familiar intimacy.

Edition 2020-2021

We are preparing a Faito Doc Festival 2020 that will extend over two years, until 2021. The theme chosen “METAMORPHOSIS” lends itself to this change due to current events which we live.

Call for films 2021

The call is closed since 15/04/2021. Thank you so much for your submissions. We will contact the rights-holders at the end of spring…

Call for volunteers 2021

Are you between 18 and 98 years old? Are you interested in cinema, especially the documentary genre? Would you like to join the team of the 14th edition of Faito DOC festival ?

Looking for sponsors 2021

Sponsorizing one of our cultural events (through a donation or through sponsorship) means NOT ONLY making a CONCRETE artistic and cultural project during the period 20-27 July 2021 BUT ALSO contributing to the rebirth of a place and of a community that will meet for 8 days to ANIMATE and SHARE visions and METAMORPHOSIS !

Winners 2020

Discover here the entire palmares of this special edition !