The Programmers’ group is made up of people of different ages and nationalities, authors, filmmakers or experts in the field, who, over a period of two quarters, view some 700 films from the Faito Doc Call for Entries, from the proposals or suggestions of a group of consultants and experts from different countries, and from the discoveries made by the programmers themselves during other international documentary festivals. Up to 50 creative documentary films (features, shorts and ultra-shorts) from around 27 countries are then selected, made by filmmakers whose visions of reality inspire a variety of escapism in us as viewers.

The diverse backgrounds and professionalism of the programmers, their critical sense and in-depth look at particular realities allow for intense debates and comparisons before providing a high quality final selection. The poetic and human qualities of the films are always privileged over the quantity of works presented.

Twice a month, the programmers meet in the house of artistic directors Nathalie Rossetti and Turi Finocchiaro (in presence and in visioconference) and discuss auteur documentaries, from direct to experimental cinema, from intimist films to animated documentaries. Both the director’s point of view and the form and originality of the work are taken into consideration, as well as the theme and its multiple meanings.

The debates revolve mainly around certain evaluation criteria.


Evaluation criteria :

  • The director’s point of view: the original gaze that the director places on reality, his vision ;
  • The director’s empathy with the people he films and who become his characters ;
  • The cinematographic language: the way of telling, the original way of staging the story told through authentic and surprising shots at the service of the story and which never settle for a simple “reportage”, through personal visual and sound editing, the sense of rhythm and the art of mixing; a poetic, sensitive and original language ;
  • Taking into account the theme of the edition: ‘Evasions’;
  • Finally, the need to show, through cinema, visions of the historical reality of the human being and the world in which we live, thus choosing films that provoke reflexion, positive “conflicts”, to enrich knowledge and encourage the life journey of each spectator, attentive to both social and environmental issues by retracing the past in the present and in anticipation of the future.

The programmers are :

Watching the films in this edition was like going on a long journey: sometimes it was enjoyable and exciting, sometimes I couldn’t wait to get there. Sometimes the encounters were satisfying, rich in insights, surprising.  Others, it was not so good. Nevertheless, I kept travelling, because I knew that suddenly I might encounter a hidden treasure. I wish everyone a wonderful journey!

  • Maria Hermosillo (MEX producer) APACH – Suspension d’audience de Nina Marissiaux BE …

We can find escape in many stories, from people fleeing a country because of wars or natural disasters, to escape through art, in cinema, or escape from everything that harms us. I hope this selection of documentaries will thrill you and inspire everyone to make new encounters!

This year the documentaries, under the theme of escape, were selected by our team with great care. The choices were often difficult but exciting. I am sure that the films will be appreciated by the Faito Doc audience.

Taking part in the selection committee of the Faito Doc festival was a very nice experience both from a human and a professional point of view. The group of selectors is very diverse in terms of origin, sensitivity and education, and this diversity of outlooks made the confrontation very interesting; it opened up new perspectives for me to reflect, as well as allowed me to relativise issues that I thought were universal. And then the artistic direction of the festival is really special!

I am happy to have participated in this year’s selection, as the theme of this 15th edition is very close to my heart. I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. No more walls.” – Anaïs Nin

  • Milena Bochet (director ES)

With the participation of expert consultants :

Since the Jury of Professionals, also known as the Jury of the ‘Magnificent’, which is present in the auditorium during each screening of the films in competition, is highly qualified, the programmers are proud to present a programme of films each year that surprises and excites not only the audience and the popular juries, but also the magnificent jurors.