Jury The Magnificent

 Faggio Doc for the BEST FILM :
Adieu sauvage by Sergio Guataquira Sarmiento
The jury unanimously awarded the Faggio Doc prize for Best Feature Film to this film for the director’s strong and committed point of view, his articulate and shared human perspective, his distance and self-mockery, and his gentle invitation to reflection. Seeking to understand its origins, it reveals with demonstrative force how the modern world ignores the indigenous world, which nonetheless exists.

Special Mention
Fréquences Julie
by Mia Ma
For the relationship of friendship, sincere and profound, that binds the director to the protagonist in the story of the complexity of a particular experience. With the right distance and a delicate respect for a lacerating pain, the film allows us to discover, within the walls of the home, the origins of the evil of a suffering person, but who shows great dignity and irony in facing her demons.

Faggio Doc for the BEST SHORT FILM
Desde que llegaste mi corazon dejo de pertenecerme by Erin Semin Kökdil 
For recounting the relentless struggle of these mothers with a respectful, delicate and unrhetorical gaze, the jury unanimously awarded the prize for best short film to Desde que llegaste mi corazon dejo de pertenecerme by Erin Semine Kökdil.

Special Mention
Caro Mostro by Stefano Testa
The jury appreciated the construction and reworking work based on personal and intimate archives, and the unique feeling of an unknown man whose face will never be discovered, but whose story creatively reconstructs the values of the 1960s. With very little audiovisual material, the director manages to immerse us in the intimacy of the correspondence with originality and emotion.

How To Save a Dead Friend by Marusya Syroechkovskaya
For its radical gaze and the courage to stage its own love affair devoted to self-destruction. The act of filming, shared between the two protagonists, progressively reveals a therapeutic function and, at the same time, a creative dimension, in the frame of a country that suppresses youthful desires and proves ruthless towards individuals

Youth Jury

Best feature :  
How To Save a Dead Friend by Marusya Syroechkovskaya

Special Mentions
Adieu sauvage by Sergio Guataquira Sarmiento
Fréquences Julie by Mia Ma

Best short :
Das retirée or the last house of my father by Julie Pfleiderer
We liked the idea of a film capable of reducing the distance between a father and his daughter through a symbiosis between architecture and cinema. In fact, from a manual task, i.e. the construction of a utopian project, we are plunged into the childhood and memories of the director in a light-hearted and playful way. We were moved by the form of the narrative, which brings together two different perspectives that are at once opposed.
It’s an intergenerational encounter in which we can all find ourselves, with the contradictions and differences we experience over the years. The prize goes to a short film that reveals the fragility of family relationships in a rigorous way.

Audience Award

Adieu sauvage
by Sergio Guataquira Sarmiento
Austral by Benjamin Colaux

The way daddy rides by Tiziano Locci

Jury Il Camino

BEST SHORT ex aequo
Volatile by Paula Wilczyńska 
Because he transmitted not only the need to remember those who are no longer with us, but also the strength and the will to complete a path such as (our) rehabilitation path, but also the ‘simple’ not to give up at the first difficulties, as far as (our) dreams and therefore (our) goals are concerned.

Tu sillonnes gaiement l’immensité profonde by Baume Moinet-Marillaud 

En ce jardin by Natacha Boutkevitch

Jury Faito DOC Camp

On La nomme la brûlure by Mary Jimenez and Bénédicte Liénard 

Jury CPS

OURS by Morgane Frund